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“Changing discourses of migration – categories, faith-based interpretations and innovative practices”

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on the 23rd November 2018, Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz

Dear colleagues,
We would like to announce that the Catholic University Mainz (Germany) will hold an international conference on the 23rd November 2018. The conference will be entitled 
“Changing discourses of migration – categories, faith-based interpretations and innovative practices”

Facing increasingly complex and diffused discourses at political and public level, we seem to lose track and at the same time we might stand at crossroads. Societies and political landscapes are changing. Newly constructed narratives seem to dominate migration discourses and navigate parts of various social spheres producing new labels, categorizations and stigmatizations.
At our international conference we shall revisit migratory categories from a theoretical, theological and practical perspectives. We would like to revisit changing discursive landscapes and contemplate about future and alternative narratives. We aim to identify and discuss developments and its potential challenges in the critical areas of climate change, poverty and hunger, and the illegalization of migration, while facing matters of reception as well as societal resonances.
Respectively, three panels shall address theoretical, theological and practical perspectives at our one-day international conference, while we are honored to start our program with a keynote given by Fr. Fabio Baggio from the Pope Francis Section on Migrants and Refugees at the Vatican.
The first panel shall further discuss points made in the keynote and revisit the current formations and configurations of categorizing people into migratory entities from an academic and rather theoretical perspective. After having established the possible main threads and narratives, we move on and take a faith-based perspective. What are the historic and current interpretations of migrants looking at the Christian, Islamic and Jewish belief formations? A third panel shall link the more theoretical thoughts to practical projects that already exist and that might provide show case examples of how to produce new narratives on which we can be prospectively build on and critically question current orders and regimes categorizing human beings.
The conference language will be English and the full conference program will be available in due course. There is no conference fee but please register with us (please see email below). We are looking forward to welcoming you at our University.

Best wishes
Prof. Dr. Bastian A. Vollmer,
Catholic University Mainz
Please register at: khm2018[at]kh-mz(dot)de
For further inquiries, please email to: khm2018[at]kh-mz(dot)de