International profile

As an interdisciplinary Institute, the Institute for Applied Research and International Relations offers a comprehensive service...

for students:

  •    Advice and support during stays abroad
  •    Coordination of all activities within the framework of international mobility
  •    Organisation and execution of workshops for preparation and follow-up of stays abroad
       as well as offers for language classification
  •    Advice on funding opportunities during a stay abroad and assistance in applying for

for university members:

  •     Acquisition of third-party funds for the mobility of university members
  •     Advice and allocation of third-party funds
  •     Advice and support during teaching and further education stays abroad
  •     Support and advice for the faculties and their foreign affairs representatives

 and beyond that:

  •     Project management of national and international third-party funds to promote the
        internationalisation of the university
  •     Strengthening the international profile within the framework of the internationalisation
  •     Initiating cooperation with universities abroad
  •     Cooperation with international partner universities
  •     Point of Contact for incoming students during their stay at the university
  •     Organization and execution of target group specific information events
  •     Representation of the university in international networks at national and international

In order to gradually bring about a stronger international orientation of courses, lectures and research on the basis of the Bologna agreements, in the future it will be necessary to achieve stronger curricular networks, more intensive, targeted advice to students, and a clarification of the various processes for recognising course contents and academic performance at administrative level. In order to make this more outwardly transparent, CUAS Mainz adopted the "Guidelines for the internationalisation of Mainz Catholic University of Applied Sciences, 2019-2024" on the 4th April 2019.