Funding opportunities for international students

Scholarships are offered by the following advisory centres, among others:

Social Advisory Office of the Catholic University Community Mainz
The social advisor of the Catholic University Community, Ms Martina Pentz, advises students of all nationalities on questions regarding the course and financing their studies, as well as any difficulties with residence and work permits. Students who are temporarily experiencing financial difficulties through no fault of their own are able to apply for financial aid. Prior to taking final examinations, students may be awarded an examination grant upon application. In special cases, students can apply for a scholarship from KAAD for the Master's degree.

For information, please contact:
Catholic University Community, Mainz
Social Affairs and Foreign Student Advisor Martina Pentz
Saarstraße 20
55122 Mainz
Tel.: 06131 322 105
Email: martina.pentz[at]bistum-mainz(dot)de

Further funding opportunities for immigrants
The educational advisory service "Garantiefonds Hochschule (GF-H)" is a federal programme funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ). Working in cooperation with the "Otto Benecke Stiftung e. V." foundation, the educational advisory service advises and supports young immigrants in embarking on or continuing an academic career.
The following are eligible for funding:
• Late German repatriates and their accompanying family members (provided they are listed in the registration certificate)
• Individuals entitled to asylum
• Refugees according to the Geneva Refugee Convention
• Jewish migrants and their spouses, resettlement refugees and other persons admitted (often in contingents) on international law or humanitarian grounds

For information, please contact:
Coordination office of the "Garantiefonds Hochschulbereich (GF-H)"
Federal association of catholic youth social work (BAG KJS e. V.)
Carl-Mosterts-Platz 1
40477 Düsseldorf
Tel.: 0211 94485-29
Fax: 0211 486509
Email: bildungsberatung[at]jugendsozialarbeit(dot)de

For more information, please contact the Institute for Applied Research and International Relations at: Phone:
+49 6131 28944 190
E-Mail: ifb[at]kh-mz[dot]de