Migration and Integration as Subjects Combining Different Academic Interests

Some time ago we began within the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz to focus together in a targeted way across the whole University, and with long term goals in mind, on the subjects of Migration and Integration. We want to develop the relevance of the University in the coming years as a centre of expertise with an impact on the wider society. The choice of subject is decidedly Christian in its motivation as well as being socially extremely relevant and very interesting from a scholarly point of view. It cuts across boundaries between sectors of society and scholarly disciplines, and also between Church and society. There are plenty of reasons to dedicate ourselves over the medium and the long term to the themes of Migration and Integration.

Prof. Dr. Martin Klose (Rector)

You will find on these pages a concise overview of what is being offered in different areas of our university in relation to these specific topics and the activities they are engaged with. In addition to this we would like to explain how the cross-disciplinary themes of Migration and Integration have been initiated and developed at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz (CUAS Mainz).