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Course programme and subject structure

Students can commence the course every year at the start of the winter semester.

It encompasses the following subject areas:

Area 1
Human sciences (education, media education, philosophy, psychology, sociology, law) incl. methods of professional practice (communication as a principle, media in mediation processes, target audience adequacy, special framework conditions)

Area 2
Systematic theology (dogmatic/fundamental theology, moral theology/Christian social studies)

Area 3
Biblical and historic theology (exegesis of the Old and New Testament, Church history and the theology of spirituality)

Area 4
Practical theology (Church law, liturgical sciences, pastoral theology, religious education)

Area 5
Internships and vocation-oriented spiritual development

Area 6
Interdisciplinary theology (Jesus Christ, spirit and Church, eschatology, imparting the fundamentals of the faith, being a Christian in the world, sacraments)

During the 6th semester or after the last module examination, the students produce their dissertation.