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Year Abroad

An obligatory year abroad is an integral part of your degree and this may be completed either by two semesters of study or by one semester spent studying and one in a work placement.

The study abroad may be carried out at one of the partner universities that the Catholic University of Mainz has by doing one or several degree courses that content-wise are fully or in parts closely connected with the degree in “Social Sciences: Migration and Integration”.

At the present time we have cooperation agreements with the ⇒ following universities.

The option of doing a work placement semester should take place in an organisation that is actively involved in the subject area of ‘Migration/Integration’, provided there is a personal interest.

⇒The Institute for Applied Research and International Relations (ifb)
supports students who are organising their study abroad and gives advice on options for obtaining financial assistance when in work placements abroad. Selecting a suitable work placement and applying for it are the responsibility of students themselves and should be carried out in consultation with the faculty.

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