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Course focus on "Migration and Integration"

Within the course, students can choose between multiple study focuses in the form of specific subject contents. These contents are delivered in preparation for, during and after the internship, in the 4th, 5th and 6th semesters.

One of the study focuses - "Migration and Integration" - is taken into particular consideration throughout the course as the subject of additional special lessons and teaching units, and is also specifically cited on the certificate and the documentation of the Bachelor's degree. The general orientation of the Bachelor's degree in Social Work remains intact, because the focus does not run through all modules and is only taught in seminars, tutorials and work groups, but not in lectures.

30 places are reserved on the course for the study focus "Migration and Integration". In contrast to other study focuses, this course focus must be selected at the start of the course. Students who have obtained a course place with this focus

• Attend migration and integration-specific seminars, tutorials and work groups within the framework of a range of course modules

• Undertake their internship in migration and integration relevant social organisations

• Acquire a supplementary qualification in intercultural skills

• Write their dissertation on a migration and integration specific topic

The course focus qualifies graduates for all employment fields of social work in which social services are specifically provided to migrants - not exclusively but also refugees - and their children born in Germany, i.e. for all forms of migration services. Furthermore, the course focus sensitises students to migration-specific peculiarities in all employment fields of social work.