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Mission Statement


The Catholic University of Applied Sciences (CUAS Mainz) is a state-approved university, which performs its tuition, research and further education role with Christian and social responsibility.

With this guiding principle the CUAS Mainz

• defines the objectives according to which its members in tuition, studies, research, central institutions and university management should orientate their actions.
• articulates its self-image and the willingness of all persons involved to commit themselves according to the guiding principle.
• presents itself to the public and defines the self-expectation, according to which it wishes itself and its performance to be measured.
• describes its role as a Catholic institution in the university sector and within society.

General objectives

The Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz qualifies its graduates in their studies and further education to become technically competent, socially and politically responsible experts and managers in a constantly changing pluralistic society.

The core remits of the CUAS Mainz include application-relevant tuition, research and further education. High quality in this regard is an ongoing objective. The CUAS Mainz generates scientific, innovative, spiritual and cultural stimuli.

In this way, the CUAS Mainz performs its role as a state-approved university in teaching, research and further education.

The CUAS Mainz pursues its objectives on the basis of Evangelicalism and the Christian idea of man, which takes into consideration all of mankind in its likeness to God with sacrosanct dignity.

The CUAS Mainz considers itself a place in which faith is embodied and represented in the academic world. With its course programme, the university applies itself to welfare and social actions within society.

The students therefore have the opportunity to wholly develop their personality, as well as their professional, social, ethical and religious competences. The students are qualified to tackle values and questions of meaning in an environment of knowledge and belief, perceive society on a differentiated basis from a Christian perspective, relate to views and act with professionalism.

As a Christian university, the dialogue between sciences, denominations, religions, nationalities and cultures is an important concern of Mainz CUAS. It promotes essential innovations and participates in specialist, academic, social and socio-political discussions.

Teaching objectives

The Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz  undertakes to adhere to the latest academic standards in teaching and further education, and promotes their development - in particular within the sphere of specific university didactics.

The CUAS Mainz organises its knowledge and social environment on the basis of the Christian message and church. It is a place of scientific reflection and communication. Lively dialogue amongst all members of the university, collegial exchange, critical discussion and personal encounters are considered collective responsibilities.

The content-related self-image of the tuition is substantiated in corresponding educational practice, whereby the contents and methods are appraised in an ongoing quality assurance process. This also includes the responsible organisation of the teaching-learning process as an interactive event, which takes the individuality and everyday reality of the students seriously, whilst also confronting them with foreign experiences.

The action orientation of the tuition is reinforced by internships, practical study semesters and practice-relevant projects, which can be undertaken at home or abroad. The CUAS Mainz guarantees the practical relevance of the teaching material through cooperation and networking with pastoral, health-related and social action fields.

Interdisciplinary study programmes are an important component of the tuition, and it is within this framework that scientifically supported projects take place and supplementary qualifications can be obtained.

Research and development objectives

Application-related research and development are significant elements within the process of further development and professionalization of the social, pastoral and health-related work.

In order to perform these tasks the CUAS Mainz

• promotes cooperation between individual researchers and specialist departments within the university as well as with other universities, public and private organisations.
• applies itself to the provision of sufficient research funds and to the improvement of the personnel and material infrastructure within the research area of the university.
• distinguishes itself through research and development for practical application and acquires third party funding.

Knowledge transfer objectives

The Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz sees itself as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and opinions.

It cooperates on the organisation of regional and intra-regional development within the church and society. It makes the results of scientific research and development usable for professional practice and practical professional experience. For this purpose, the university initiates specific further education programmes, as well as cooperation with associations and institutions. In doing so, it makes a contribution to social, pastoral and health-related dialogue with its cooperative partners.

University administration objectives

The university administration considers itself a service facility of the university, which actively cooperates on the university's creative process within the framework of fulfilling its administrative role. It performs a wide range of tasks in equal measure for students, prospective students, tutors and all further members of the university.