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Leonie Hügemann, Student Assistant

Leonie Hügemann is a student of the International Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences: Migration and Integration at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz. As part of her degree, she studied for one year at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and did a six-month internship at the Jerusalem Center for Women, the head organization of the Palestinian network of the Anna Lindh Foundation. She is part of the international grassroots movement Seebrücke in Mainz and Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as of the Netzwerk für Flüchtlinge Rödermark e.V. Currently, she is attending the lecture series of the Refugee Law Clinic Berlin in German and European asylum and residence law to become a counsellor for the RLC. She has good working knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic, the Levantine Arabic dialect and Swahili, as well as a very good command of French and high proficiency in English.

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