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Dr. Markus Rheindorf, Research Fellow

In April 2021, Dr. Rheindorf was appointed Research Fellow at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz (BRIDGES-Projekt: ⇒ externer Link). He is also Lecturer at the University of Vienna and the Central European University, specialising in critical discourse studies and academic writing. He studied Linguistics and English at the University of Vienna and the University of Amsterdam, and he holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics by the University of Vienna. His research interests include the mediatisation of political discourse, the interplay between politics and policy, political advertising and campaigning, and populist discourse. He has a continuing interest in methodological innovation within critical discourse studies, especially regarding triangulation and mixed methods. He has received fellowships from the International Research Centre for Cultural Studies (IFK) and the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) of Vienna. His latest book, Revisiting the toolbox of discourse studies: New Trajectories in Methodology, Open Data and Visualization, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2019.

Anneke Schröder, MA, Research Assistant/PhD student

Anneke Schröder is Assistant and PhD candidate at CUAS Mainz. She holds a Master of Arts in French Culture Studies and Intercultural Communication, Spanish Philology and Business Studies by Saarland University and Universidad Veracruzana, including internships in France, Luxembourg and Mexico. From 2016 to 2019, she worked as Assistant at the Romance Languages and Literature Department of Saarland University. She joined the CUAS Mainz’s International Office in 2020, where she is coordinator of International Relations. She is also PhD candidate on Migration Studies at CUAS Mainz and teaches in the Bachelor of Arts in “Social Sciences: Migration and Integration” offered by this University

Leonie Hügemann, Student Assistant

Leonie Hügemann is a student of the International Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences: Migration and Integration at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz. As part of her degree, she studied for one year at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and did a six-month internship at the Jerusalem Center for Women, the head organization of the Palestinian network of the Anna Lindh Foundation. She is part of the international grassroots movement Seebrücke in Mainz and Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as of the Netzwerk für Flüchtlinge Rödermark e.V. Currently, she is attending the lecture series of the Refugee Law Clinic Berlin in German and European asylum and residence law to become a counsellor for the RLC. She has good working knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic, the Levantine Arabic dialect and Swahili, as well as a very good command of French and high proficiency in English.