Get your doctorate at CUAS Mainz

Promoting the Next Generation of Researchers

The Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz (CUAS Mainz) supports highly qualified graduates (master level) on their way to getting a doctor's degree in Social Work, as well as in Healthcare and Nursing. In this way, the university is promoting the next generation of researchers in applied sciences. Fundamental research is just as important here as practical and evaluation research.

Receiving the Doctorate

In gaining your doctorate you shall receive a doctoral degree in a particular subject. By writing your dissertation you demonstrate that you are capable of independent scientific work. After submitting the dissertation you take an oral exam, which is based on the requirements of the respective doctoral degree regulations. In a viva voce ("Rigorosum") you are tested in the subjects of the doctorate; in a thesis defence ("Disputation") you must defend the methods and findings of your work. Once your dissertation has been published, you shall receive your doctoral certificate and you may use the doctor's degree in your name. 

Necessary Cooperation with a University

Thanks to the Bologna Process, the path to gaining a doctorate has been facilitated for graduates of technical colleges and universities of applied sciences. The completion of a master's program now entitles graduates to do a doctorate, without them having to complete an additional study program at a university. Nevertheless, like all universities of applied sciences in Rhineland-Palatinate, CUAS Mainz does not have an independent right to award a doctor's degree. This means that you can only receive your doctorate at CUAS Mainz in close cooperation with another university (the so-called collaborative doctorate). In addition to your advisor at CUAS Mainz, you need to find a university that will allow you to do your doctorate and provide you with a doctoral supervisor who will guide you through your dissertation.