Research Focuses

Research projects at CUAS Mainz tackle questions of structural change within social-charitable, nursing and pastoral services, and develop model concepts for example for dealing with new problematic social situations and the latest challenges facing social service organisations.

The results of the primary studies, scientific reports, expert opinions and practical complementary and evaluation studies make a contribution to the further development and quality assurance of the action plans in theory and practice. The findings flow directly into the courses offered at Bachelor and Master's level, and enhance the up-to-datedness and quality assurance of the teaching provided (e.g. through the participation of students in the research projects).

Research activities of CUAS Mainz have the following focuses:

Social Work and Social Sciences
• Case management
• Child and youth welfare
• Prevention and rehabilitation
• Migration and demography

Practical Theology
• Ecclesiastical social research

Healthcare and Nursing
• Structural change in the health system & Innovative models of regional health care
• Living with dementia
• Basics and treatment of neurological language and speech impairment