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You were forced to leave your homeland and you now live in Germany? An academic education with very good employment market opportunities is important to you?

Then find out more about our courses and special programmes for refugees and asylum seekers at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz (CUAS Mainz). Alongside the opportunity to enrol on a regular course at our university, we also offer you options to acquire guest student qualifications and knowledge (a university entrance qualification is not always necessary!).

Further information can be found on ⇒ Welcome Project


Solidarity with Ukraine

The Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz thinks in great concern of the Ukrainian population and the students, colleagues and families of the partner university Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. "The members of our university are stunned and horrified by the invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign state of Europe, by Russian troops. We think in great concern of the people in Ukraine, especially of the students, colleagues and families of our partner university the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv," emphasizes Rector Prof. Dr. Ulrich Papenkort.

Our offers for refugees are open to all refugees from Ukraine. If you have any questions that we do not answer on the following pages, please write us an email in German or English to welcome[at]kh-mz(dot)de. Refugees and asylum seekers are welcome at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz.

Departments and Programmes

• Guest student programme Welcome ⇒ Welcome Project

• Research opportunities worldwide

Volkswagen Foundation Funding for Refugee Scholars and Scientists from Ukraine: Scholars who are forced to leave Ukraine by the invasion of Russian troops can receive funding from the Volkswagen Foundation to continue their work at a university or research institute in Germany.
• Students at Risk - Hilde Domin Programme: The Hilde Domin Programme of the German Academic Exchange Service aims to support students at risk worldwide as well as doctoral students who are formally or de facto denied the right to education in their country of origin.
• DAAD: Support and assitance for Ukrainian students and researcher
• Hildegardis Association Emergency Aid for Female Refugees. The association grants interest-free loans totaling 50,000 euros to women who have fled Ukraine and are studying in Germany or from Germany. Learn more.

• Private shelters throughout Germany

• Private shelters in Rhineland-Palatinate

• Municipal accommodations in Mainz

• Help portal for refugees in Germany

• Refugee coordination in Mainz

• Important information on entry and residence for people from Ukraine at Handbook Germany

• Network for Ukrainian scientists

DAAD: Important information for students and researchers

Refugee Ukrainians can attend German courses - integration courses, sponsored by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) - at the vhs Mainz. Integration courses are free of charge for people from Ukraine.

The prerequisite for attending an integration course is a residence title (according to § 24 AufenthG) or a so-called fictitious certificate. As soon as you have a residence title or a fictitious certificate, the vhs Mainz will be happy to help you apply for authorization to attend an integration course.

You can find more information here.

In the projects of the 2021 call, it is now possible to exceptionally fund and financially support incoming students and university staff from Ukraine within the framework of the existing grant. In this case, the funded students will be funded at the funding rate applicable to Germany as the target country in KA107 plus the top up for social inclusion. The maximum funding period is 12 months per study period. University employees also receive the rates applicable to Germany for up to 30 days. A further facilitation is that for this funding all agreements have to be concluded only between the German host university and the sponsored persons.


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