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Master's degree in Social Work - Counselling and Case Management

The “Social Work – Counselling and Case Management” Master degree course leads to a Master of Arts degree in three semesters. The course consists of 20 modules, of which 4 are held over two semesters. As of the 2nd semester, students can choose between the majors of “Counselling” or that of “Case Management”. The major will be mentioned on the Master Certificate

The degree course is a full-time modular attendance course. Each semester encompasses a workload of 900 hours, and students earn a total of 30 credit points (ECTS points) for every semester once all modules are successfully completed. The individual modules are weighted with either 6 or 12 credit points. A total of 90 credit points are earned through the degree course.

The degree course is offered annually to 40 students, commencing in the summer semester. No course fees are charged.

Contact head of study programme i.K. Dr. phil. Maria Schäfer-Hohmann
+49 6131 28944-480
Room 3.004
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